Lighting Control

Fränkentek Residential Systems proudly offers Lutron Lighting Control systems which combine simplicity and flexibility with rock solid reliability. A lighting control system that makes changes a breeze.

Lighting control is actually more than just controlling lighting fixtures (artificial light) but it is also the control of natural light too. Lutron Lighting Control systems integrate this control seamlessly and in fact manufacture a wide variety of motorized window treatments.

Lighting control systems can also provide energy savings and peace of mind by using intelligent switch communication that let you control a wide variety of light fixtures.

Our advanced lighting control systems offer increased security by allowing you to create customizable time based schedules.

Going on vacation or leaving the office for an extended trip; simply program certain lights to go on and off at various times to make it look as though someone is home.

Enjoy the comfort of never coming home to a darkened house or walkway again; program your lights to switch on before you arrive and provide a safe and secure pathway home.